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The Algarve and the end of the road

The last few days have seen us cycling down the coast, in a more leisurely fashion towards Faro.  Originally we had intended to catch trains back up to the north of Spain and sail home from Santander, but the train situations didn't allow for easy transportation of bikes and so we opted to fly home with them from Faro.

So we cycled and camped our way south, mostly with good weather except for a dense sea fog in one town.  The southern tip of Portugal is a National Park and the last days riding was spectacularly beautiful, and warm.  But we eventually ran out of road and ended up in a version of Lands End, with sun and no charges for being there.

San Vincente The lighthouse at the end of the road in the most South Westerly part of Portugal.

Camping in the town near by then making our way to Faro to pack bikes into bags for a flight back to Bristol. Five weeks on the road, four of them cycling, over 2200 kms and three very different countries. A great trip.


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Claire & Roger on :

Brilliant, Congratulation, well done- now for your own bed and home and..... routine! Or you could just head for Brittany with a load if 15 year olds for a laugh! I 'll come too!

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