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Arrival in Lisbon

Made it to Lisbon after negotiating the industrial outskirts, dodging HGVs and all manner of rural traffic on the way in.  On our way to the old part of town we passed an enormous cruise ship tied up on a quay and not surprisingly the town was full of passengers, wandering around doing the sightseeing thing.

After having our picture taken in the main square, a quick beer and some lunch we headed out of  the city on a ferry across the bay to the other side and what we hoped would be quieter roads leading to the Algarve.

Main square

Landed on the other side and chose a town on the south coast which looked from the map might be nice and had camping. Turned out to be a very busy route and town like Torquay in smaller and at the bottom of a very steep hill. So much for guessing from maps.


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